Wedding DIY: Part 1

Happy friday!! Hope everyone has had a great week.  We’ve had a crazy (typical) weather week here in Indy…on Tuesday it was a lovely 71 degrees, and yesterday we had snow flurries.  SERIOUSLY?? Not cool Indiana, not cool.

The fluctuating weather (well, specifically, the COLD weather) makes me not as eager to get out in the shop and work, but we have a couple pieces out there that we’re working on and will be on the blog soon.  But, as a little space filler, I thought I’d share a little project I did a couple months ago in preparation for our wedding.

So, I enjoyed wedding planning as much as the next girl, but I have decided that websites like Style Me Pretty  and Southern Weddings Magazine  are only in existence to make brides like me feel bad.  I’m not creative enough to come up with half the stuff that ends up being featured on those websites. But, I am good at stealing borrowing ideas and making them on my own :)

The first idea that I wanted to copy were these awesome escort cards that I saw featured in this OnceWed post:

I loved the subtle changes in color and the calligraphy, but I wanted to spend little to no $ on something as silly as escort cards.  Luckily, the above-linked blog post has a detailed how-to section provided by Mara from Neither Snow, so I decided to give it a shot.

Basically, the idea is that you use a combination of tea and dye (I ordered mine from the same source listed in the article for less than $10) to dye the paper, resulting in varying shades.  Obviously this is customizable to your wedding colors, and mine were a combination of champagne/gold and light pink. I ordered Vanilla Bean and Peach color dyes, same as in the article.

I found some cheap-o aluminum trays (pack of 6 for like, $3.00) and just kinda guessed on the amount of dye and/or tea to put in each bath:

And added some hot water:

ooooooooooooo pretty colors!  Obviously these look really orange/yellow, but once the paper was left in there for a few minutes and then taken out, it was mostly nice pink and tan colors.  I had to experiment with this quite a bit, but finally figured out how to get a nice range from tan to light pink to dark pink. (In the end, I used mostly just the pink ones…the tan didn’t work as well as I would have liked).

After laying all the sheets out to dry (by the way, I just used regular white card stock from Target), I gave them a quick pass-over with my iron to get out some of the wrinkles:

(Yay for using my iron! Woo!)

I experimented with a couple sizes and ways of printing the cards, but I found that the easiest way was to cut the paper into strips about 3 inches wide, and then running those strips through my printer.  I dabbled with the idea of hand writing all the names, but please…it would have looked horrible.

Here’s the cutting board I used for a TON of wedding stuff…I found it at Michael’s, and I believe it is Martha Stewart brand – damn that woman and her craftiness!! This was the size of the strip I would run through the printer, and then cut like I’m doing below (this one was clearly not printed…not sure what I was doing here).

For printing, I used this free font called Jane Austen for the escort cards – I also used this font to print all the envelopes for our wedding invitations. I love it because it looks like it could have been handwritten, instead of it being totally obvious that I did it all at home.  To get the ombre effect, I sorted all the strips from lightest to darkest, and then printed the escort cards in alphabetical order (A’s got the lightest paper, Z’s got the darkest…pretty simple).

After all the printing and folding was done, I tried to set them up on the floor to get an idea of the ombre effect I was going for:

The spacing wasn’t quite right, so I was going to pick them up and try a different configuration of rows. Then I had a visitor:

“Oh hey….are these for the wedding you didn’t invite me to?”

“Yeah…this is what I think of your wedding”

So, after having to pick them all up and put them back in alphabetical order (thanks Wrigley), I laid them out again and this is the formation we ended up having at the wedding:

The lighting is a little wonky, but you get the idea :)

That’s it for this week!  Hopefully we’ll make some progress over the weekend and have tons of posts for next week.  Everyone enjoy your weekend, and happy Veteran’s day!



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