Chair Redo

Happy Monday everyone! We’ve got a few bigger projects in the works for later this week, but I wanted to write about this little chair makeover I did for our nephew.  He finally moved into his “big boy” room, and needed a desk chair.  All his mom said is that she wanted the chair to be red, so I thought I’d take care of it for her.

I found this beauty at Goodwill for around $3.00:

Yeah. I don’t have many words for this one.  Between the torn faux leather seat cushion…

…and the honey-colored wood (definitely not my style), it was due for a little revamp. Luckily, I am an expert in chair makeovers (see the one other time I’ve redone a chair in this blog post), so this was a piece of cake.

I unscrewed the seat cushion and set it aside so I could give the whole chair a quick pass with some sandpaper:

Then gave it three coats of a fun bright red spray paint:

In between coats of paint, I tackled the seat cushion. This process seems to be about the same for every chair. First, you remove the old covering by prying up all the staples (I like to use a combination of a flat-head screw driver and needle-nose pliers):

After removing all the staples (tedious but not too difficult), I removed the nasty old pleather.  As a replacement, I found this fun striped sheet at Goodwill for $1.99.  The pattern matched the red but still tied in to the other colors in his room:

I cut a piece that would roughly fit the cushion (with ~3 inches extra on all sides to allow enough fabric to staple), and positioned it so the stripes would be uniform and straight. From there, it’s just a matter of stapling it and keeping everything lined up and even.  The method that works for me is to start with my first staple in the middle of one side, and then put a staple on the opposite side to even things out.

The corners can be done however you want.  For this chair, I tried to fold the fabric into pleats and then staple it in place on the front corners.  In the back, the corners were a little weird:

So I just did one side of the cut-out at a time and made it fit:

(Alright, that was just a gratuitous ring shot. Sue me.)

Before attaching the cushion, I gave the entire chair a coat of clear enamel.  I’m not sure if it was necessary or not, but it gave it a nice shiny finish.

Then the only thing to do was reattach the cushion:

And deliver it to it’s new home!

AHH he’s so cute…love.



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2 responses to “Chair Redo

  1. Laura

    Love it! When can you come to Atlanta? I could find lots to do!
    PS – I love the ring and the beer in the photos. Those are 2 important things to have nearby at all times.

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