Triumphant Return!

Well, I bet you all thought we abandoned this thing, huh?  WRONG! Joke’s on you, suckers. We’re back, yo (not unlike IU basketball…94 days til Hoosier Hysteria!)

Alright so we’ve definitely been neglectful to our little blog here.  I blame it on a couple of things: first, I started a real big girl lawyer job which has been taking up some of my free time (thankfully!), and secondly it has been FREAKING HOT and not at all conducive to house projects.  Lastly, we’ve had an adorable new addition to our family in the form of our new Godson – Foster Jacob!

But don’t worry, we’ve been getting plenty done around here too, and I just uploaded a bajillion pictures as evidence.

I’m not sure where to start, since the next several posts will not be in any type of chronological order.  I think I’ll dedicate this post to a little table makeover I did one afternoon.  My mom picked up this table on clearance at Kohl’s a couple of years ago when I got my first apartment:

It didn’t have those marks when she bought it…those, unfortunately, were incurred during multiple moves in a short time period.  Plus, the cherry colored wood didn’t really go with our new decor.  So, on a day when I was feeling like going on a painting spree (pay no attention to that orange frame…that’s a post for another day. UNSEE IT!!), I unscrewed the wood top from the legs…
And took our random orbital sander to it, to rough it up and remove some of the glossy finish..notice the shine before:
…and after:
Probably unnecessary, and nothing a coat of primer couldn’t have fixed, but oh well.  I was in a power tools-type mood I guess. I had some gray paint on hand (leftover from painting our dining room), so I gave the table a couple of coats:
I debated painting the legs, but they were in good shape and I didn’t want to deal with the paint chipping off in a couple of years.  For now, we have it down in our newly remodeled basement as a little side table (ignore the messy blankets and pillows…this was clearly taken around 10:30am while I was watching the Nate Berkus Show during my unemployed phase):
I hope you appreciate the little vignette we set up for this picture.  It remains relatively unchanged today, even though it’s been a good couple months.  I never claimed to be a master photo stager.
Ok, so hopefully you’ll take this as a good faith effort that I’m gonna try to revive this blog.  Keep checking back, because – I’m not gonna lie – I totally thrive on number of hits and comments. At least I’m honest, right?
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2 responses to “Triumphant Return!

  1. Sally

    Well, I find your blog really entertaining! And it provided me with some concrete evidence to confirm to Caren that you’re a really good writer! Not sure she cares how handy you are with power tools:)

  2. laura

    I saw it in person – table looks amazing! Your inpsired me – I just bought a bamboo table runner and decided it needs to be darker. So I just got back from Lowes with some stain and primer. Fringers crossed this works…

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