Washer Woes

You know when you’re doing laundry and you leave the house…and four hours later you come back and the washer is full of water your dryer is still running?

Yeah. That’s totally not supposed to happen. Welcome to living in an older home.

A short background story:  our current house is not actually the first house we bought.  We were originally under contract for another house in the same area, but the inspection came back that the entire house had knob and tube wiring.

We felt like we knew plenty about the perils of K&T…I mean, we watch Holmes on Holmes, after all…and Holmes don’t like no knob and tube.

Long story short, they refused to fix it and we refused to buy a scary fire trap house with outdated wiring.  Our current home seemed to check out in that area, and we’ve really never had any issues with it besides the occasional  flicker of the lights when we have all our appliances running (if you’re going to comment and tell me that’s not normal, I already know and am open to suggestions on how to fix it for little to no $).

Anyways, back to this situation.  I, being a dutiful housewife, was doing laundry one afternoon. I normally don’t like to leave the house with major appliances running, but it had literally been 2 hours since I started the two cycles and I just assumed it had finished.  I came back from running errands and heard the dryer….odd.  Came down to the basement to find the dryer still running (clothes dry but relatively cool), and this in the washer:

Awesome.  I was able to turn off the dryer by opening the door and stopping the cycle, but the washer was unresponsive and I couldn’t drain it.

The next day we called our home warranty folks, and they sent out a washer/dryer technician.  That’s when the gentleman pointed this out to me:

Umm…..ok. I’m no expert, but I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that the prong isn’t supposed to be charred.

Yeah…same goes for the outlet.   I guess I shouldn’t be totally surprised…I mean, our dryer doesn’t even vent to the outside…just to this blocked opening in the wall (we did NOT do this, by the way):

Can anyone with knowledge on this tell me if this is really a hazard, or is it ok for it to vent into the house? I can’t tell if it’s a major problem or not.

Another warning sign probably should have been this interesting contraption, which is what all the electrical components feed into right above the washer/dryer:

I did a little research and Wadsworth has been around since 1904…and this box was probably one of the first things they produced. As it turns out, the washer/dryer tech couldn’t do anything for me because it was an electrical problem.  Guess I should have been clued into that when the washer AND dryer stopped working at the same time.  And here I was thinking the appliance fairy had smiled down on me and I would be getting a brand new washer and dryer.  Silly Katie.

An electrician came out the next day and calmed some of my fears, saying that the outlet was probably just loose and causing friction, creating the burn marks (and not horrible deteriorated wiring just waiting to burn us to death in our sleep).  He quickly replaced the outlet, plug, and a couple circuits in the scary box, and we were back in business.

So, sadly, I’m still stuck with these beauties til we win the lottery or they break down.

And while we’re on the topic of appliance maintenance, apparently letting your filter get to this shade of gray is not recommended.

Lovely blog stalkers – any appliance horror stories out there? I know we aren’t the only ones..


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One response to “Washer Woes

  1. karen vannoni

    Glad you are both safe and sound! That plug looked awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything running ok now??

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