Quick Ledge Shelves

Here’s a quick afternoon project we did one day to dress up the back wall of our eat-in kitchen area.  You might remember that this is what it looked like after we finished our kitchen makeover (in case you missed it, read  about it in part 1, part 2, and part 3):

Vastly improved (in my opinion), but still lacking some decor.  Before the makeover, that back wall had been home to a bunch of random canvas paintings I picked up at thrift stores (here’s one that looks so sad and awkward…also, a lovely reminder of how the kitchen looked pre-makeover):

For a change, I asked Bryan to make me a couple of narrow ledge shelves to display random stuff on the back wall.  He had some scraps laying around, so he whipped up two 4 foot long shelves from using 1x3s (for the back and bottom), and a 1×2 (for the front facing piece, creating the ledge).  A few minutes later, we were leveling them and screwing them into the wall.

We didn’t worry about filling the nail holes, since it would be so easy to cover them with the frames I was planning to display.  Once they were attached to the wall, I taped them off and gave them a couple quick coats of the same semi-gloss white paint I used on our cabinets and trim:

I swear these are level, despite how they look in the picture below.  It’s impossible to get a straight-on shot of this room for whatever reason…

And here’s a little dressed up shot, nail holes and awkward middle-of-the-wall outlet nowhere to be seen.

Nice improvement, eh?


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