About Us!

How do you do?

I’m Katie, and that’s my husband Bryan.  We’re kids in our mid-twenties who have a lot going on.  We’re both lawyers by trade,  but so far I’m considering making DIY into a career, if that’s even possible.  We just got married  and have been living in our first house for about six months with our furry child, Wrigley.




We surprised everyone we know when we began a hot and heavy love affair with everything DIY – and we’re not just talking some paint or a new throw pillow. We jumped right in and started building furniture for our new home, and taking on new projects has become a full-time hobby.  We started blogging about it to keep friends and family updated, and if you’re not in that category but stumbled here anyways, thanks for reading!

To be honest, we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing, but that makes it so much more fun.  We’re definitely not scared to try something new, which has resulted in some fun stories, a few injuries, and lots of great additions for our home.

Speaking of our home, here she is!

Our Home!

Hope you enjoy reading about our misadventures! Check back for updates, cause we’re always working on something.

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