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Big things coming to the blog this week…if any of you are still out there, be sure to check back tomorrow for a huge update!  You can go ahead and attribute the lack of posts to a couple big projects and a little thing called the Superbowl that was happening down the street.

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Happy Monday! I have today off (and Bryan doesn’t…womp womp) so I thought I’d take my free time and finally get around to writing down some resolutions for the house…I think I’ll just call them houseolutions. It’s a word…start using it. The purpose of the list is two-fold:

  1. Goal-setting is always good; and
  2. I will totally cave to peer pressure, so if anyone thinks one idea is particularly exciting and asks me about it, I’ll most likely make it my mission to do it ASAP. Effective, right?

So, without further ado, may I present


1. Make our house feel more like our home: This first one is broad, but I think overall it really encompasses our goals for this year.  For Bryan, that means that he wants all the rooms to look “finished”…and on some levels I agree.  It’s nice that we’re finally getting out of the “just moved in” stage and have been here long enough to put our mark on most things. I don’t know if a room will ever really be finished for me…I like switching things up. But, we’re slowly starting to add our own touches.  This year I’d love to complete little things to achieve this goal: add curtains, switch out our plain throw pillows with new patterned ones, switch out generic art (the kind that comes with a frame at Target) with things that are meaningful for us, etc. Totally doable in my opinion.

2. Change up some paint: As I mentioned last week, I have some serious paint issues in this house. We’ve already painted the guest room, the downstairs half bath, and the dining room.  Ideally I’d like to change all the remaining rooms, but my houseolution for this year is to tackle the kitchen. You know…our blue kitchen?  Here are some pictures I took right after we moved in:

And one from when the previous owners still lived here:

That last one is probably the most accurate depiction of the colors in that room (I know, I need to work on my photography skills…another resolution!)  The two shades of blue combined with the faux-finished cabinets/trim is just a little too much for me, so something has to change.  As much as I would love to do a complete overhaul of the entire room (i.e., paint the cabinets), I’m not sure I have the time/energy for such a big project in a house we might not stay in for more than a few years. But the wall color is gonna go. The sooner the better.

3. De-gross the basement: Yes, de-gross is another word I’m making up in this post but it’s the only way to describe things in the unfinished portion of our basement.  Everything is kind of old, dirty, cracking, dripping…yuck.  It kinda looks like this:

Answer: probably mold. Excellent. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more on this wall…

We’re not suffering from delusions that one day we’ll be able to use this part of the basement for anything besides storage, but it would be nice to make it look a little better.  So, we’d definitely like to repaint the floor (or maybe use that speckled finish you sometimes see in garages) and do something to the walls (either paint or Drylock…still researching this little topic).  Once we get that under control, we’d like to add more storage shelves so everything has a place.

4. Outdoor Plans: Since we moved into our house in April, we spent a lot of the spring/summer working outside.  We’ve already done quite a bit (could be a post all on its own so I won’t spoil it), but there are tons of new projects awaiting us this summer.  Most are little things, but a big one is that we want to “re-finish” (for lack of a better word) our deck:

It just looks a little tired.  We found a product at Lowes called Deck Restore which gets applied to the wood and creates a new surface.  We’re looking into this and other options (re-finish/re-stain?) but this seems kind of appealing since it fills in nail holes, seals down splinters, etc.  Has anyone ever used or heard of this stuff? It comes in several colors…I like this one since it looks like it would match the (newer) rails around the deck.

5. Upgrade Furniture: Bryan will disagree with me on this one (and we should probably agree on decisions like this, so this isn’t a for-sure by any means), but I would love new living room furniture.  This is what we’re currently working with:

This was Bryan’s bachelor pad furniture. Totally functional, very comfortable.  Just…not me.  I think eventually I’d like to relegate this set to the basement and replace it with something in a lighter cloth, ala this Crate and Barrel sofa:

I think it (and the room in general) is a good mix of what Bryan and I like.  Add in a pair of fun chairs for me:

Or a leather club chair for Bryan (this one is even a recliner…probably the only kind I could ever consider buying):

And we’d be set!  Unfortunately, in spite of all our talent (sarcasm, folks), we can’t “DIY” new furniture out of thin air, so this will have to be something we save up for. A girl can dream!

So, those are our houseolutions for this year.  Obviously we’ll be tackling tons of tiny projects along the way, so I’ll keep sharing those too because somehow there are people out there who actually enjoy reading about us :) Thanks!

Speaking of those people…what are your resolutions?  Anyone planning big house projects this year??




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